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 After viewing the tutorial videos in the Help section of your Xtreme account, one of the first things you should do is set up your
Virtual Business Card (VBC)


With your VBC you will have your business card with you everywhere you go!  Instead of giving a paper card to someone that we all know will end up in a drawer somewhere, they will get your business information in a text right to their phone! 

Download your VBC to your phone as an app.  Then when you meet someone, open it up, have them type their number in and hit submit.  You collect their number which goes into your database for future communications and they get your business information in a text, which they can then also download as an app to their phone. 

Your VBC is customizable so you can add anything you'd like. 

Keyword: What is a keyword?  A keyword is the word that you want people to text to the short code (28748), to opt in to your messages or take advantage of your offer.  You then use your keyword in your marketing to attract people to opt in.  Example: "To get your 10% off, text 'special' to 28748"  In this case, 'special' is your keyword. 

Creating your keyword is simple!  Just follow the tutorial video in the Help section of the main menu.  When you create your keyword, this is where you will enter your reply message to the person that opted in.  Using the example above, a follow up message may say something like:  "Thank you for your interest, go to to redeem your 10% off voucher." 

This is also a great place to put your kiosk link, your website link, set up a drip message or messages or give some kind of mobile coupon or discount.


Drip Messages vs Campaigns
What is a drip message?  A drip message is an automatic follow up message you create and attach to your keyword.   You have the ability to create multiple messages if desired, as well as dictate when the messages will be delivered.  This is great for reminding a new opt in of your offer, or for automatic follow up so they are more likely to take advantage of your offer.

A campaign on the hand is used to schedule messages to your database.  Whether it be promotions, new opportunities, specials, discounts, reminders, etc, a campaign can be sent to specific groups of people or your entire data base.  As with drip messages, you have the ability to schedule when you want your campaign to be sent to the recipients.  This is great way to stay connected.

Kiosk Creator  AKA Lead Capture Page

The kiosk creator allows you to create a fully customizable lead capture page that can be added in any of your drip messages or campaign messages.   You have the ability to turn on many various fields of information from name and address to work phone number and date of birth.  Plus you have 10 customizable fields to capture any other information you may want to capture.  Things such as interest level, how long there has been an interest and so on.  This is a very handy tool that can be set up in just a couple of minutes and added to any of your marketing.

Kiosk Example